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As an “All-Risk” Fire Department, Truckee Meadows Fire and Rescue provides response to all types of high level emergency incidents. The majority of these calls for service are for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) response. TMFR staffs every station with Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers at the Paramedic level.  In other words, there is always at least one paramedic at every Fire Station.  More than 2/3 of our firefighters are certified as State of Nevada Paramedics.  This allows us to provide a high degree of emergency care to all patients treated within the fire district.

TMFR also provides several specialty EMS programs within the district which include Fireline Paramedics, hazardous material technician “Tox-Medics”, and Designated Infection Control Officers. Each of these programs comes with additional specialized training for use in high risk environments that require a specialized skill set. 


Continuing Education

All continuing education requirements and certification classes are taught in-house by experienced TMFR instructors, which allows for training to be geared specifically to the operational needs identified within our district. A new Firefighter’s EMS training starts in the academy, and will establish a strong foundation that will be built upon throughout the course of their career at TMFR.
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