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Truckee Meadows Fire & Rescue is an "all-risk" fire district. We respond to a wide spectrum of emergencies, everything from medical aids, technical rescues, public assists, hazardous materials, house fires, commercial fires, vehicle accidents, and the list goes on.

Our firefighters are trained in a variety of technical rescue operations to include rope rescues. Rope rescues can take many forms, from high-angle rescue to confined space, low-angle, swiftwater, and even self-rescue. Although techniques differ for the various types of rope rescue, high-angle might be off a cliff, bridge, building, or from the tip of an aerial platform compared with the tactics used in confined space or the strategies and different gear in swiftwater rescue. The basic equipment load and types of specialized hardware needed to pluck people from precarious places is similar across the disciplines.

technical rescue

Rapid Extrication Module Support Team

Truckee Meadows is also prepared with a Rapid Extrication Module Support (REMS) team. REMS is rescue team assigned to a wildland fire to provide firefighters a safe, effective and efficient method of egress off the fireline in the event of injury or illness incurred during firefighting operations.

Truckee Meadows Firefighters also respond to vehicle accidents, a common emergency that we encounter. On occasion the occupant(s) of the vehicle are trapped and need to be extricated. This type of emergency can be very complex due to the unknown. When we arrive to this type of emergency, we must determine the occupant’s physical condition, stability of the vehicle, type(s) of vehicle, traffic control, appropriate tools, and many other variables in order to extricate the occupant safely and efficiently.

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Vehicle Extrication Tools

Vehicle extrication is ever evolving due to more complex vehicles such as electric vehicles and smart cars. It takes teamwork, practice, and the appropriate tools in order to safely get the job done. All our fire engines carry extrication tools (commonly referred to as Jaws of Life). And all Firefighters are trained on how to operate and maintain these tools that allow us to provide the best service we can when someone is trapped in a vehicle accident.

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