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The Training Division

The Training Division is one of the District's cornerstones for providing emergency response services. The Training Division is responsible for ensuring Career and Volunteer staff are adequately trained and educated across a broad spectrum of response disciplines. Division staff work hard to develop and execute short, medium, and long term plans so that statutory compliance is maintained and industry standards are met to the best of our abilities.


Continued Education

Division staff coordinate with the Operations Division to program plans for Division, Company, and Individual level training so everyone is kept up to date on the latest, safest, and most efficient ways to respond to the complexities of being an All-Hazard agency. Our firefighting personnel receive a variety of training and qualifications for:

Basic and Advanced fire suppression strategies and tactics (including structural, wildland, and vehicle firefighting)
Fire and Emergency Services vehicle operations
Technical Rescue awareness, operations, and technical levels (including rope rescue, vehicle extrication, and ice, swift, and inland water rescue)
Incident Command
Leadership and Management of Fire and Emergency Services
And more!

As suppression Captains, Division staff also respond to incidents to assist where needed including as the Safety Officer or Division/Group Supervisors. This helps ensure firefighter safety and enables the Division to continually analyze the effectiveness of the training programs.

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