Our Mission: “Committed to excellence, service, and the protection of life and property in our community.” |

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Our Mission: “Committed to excellence, service, and the protection of life and property in our community.”



Ready to Respond At All Times

We create and maintain programs to engage our communities based on expertise. There's a variety of risks that we need to be trained for and be ready to help community members. Through different funding sources, we can send personnel to implement the work on the ground.  

International Association of Fire Chiefs - Best Practices


Hazardous Fuels Management

Fuels module – A recent addition to TMFPD’s hazardous fuels management program is the “Fuels Module”. TMFPD in conjunction with NV Energy have put together staffing for this fuels focused resource and will work together to create more resources like it. The module is a versatile and highly experienced group of individuals whose careers have been focused on wildland fire and fuels management. There are five members whose experience include but are not limited to:

Hand Crews
Wildland Engines
Advanced Tree Falling
Heavy Equipment
Wildland Engines
Forest Management
Rangeland Management

This group is funded through NV Energy, FEMA and Council of Western State Foresters grants. The group can perform multiple types of fuels management projects and are generally available for hire to accomplish those projects. The module is also well equipped with the following:

1 Type V Engine
1 Pick Up Truck
2 Wood Chippers
1 Cable Yarder (for carrying logs)
1 Utility Terrain Vehicle
1 Masticator
Multiple Chain Saws, Portable Pumps, and Hand Tools


Wildfire Protection Plan

Wild Fire Protection Plan – TMFPD is a participant in the Wild Fire Protection Plan with the Nevada Division of Forestry. This comes with many benefits relating directly to fire, but also provides useful tools for TMFPD’s Fuels Program. These include but are not limited to:

Access to free or reduced rate work forces like NDF hand crews, engine crews, and helitack crews for project implementation. These crews are available for hire or occasionally free to TMFPD citizens.
Access to subject matter experts in the areas of forestry, range management, resource management, grant applications, and community fire safety networking.
Access to specialty NDF equipment like masticators, bull dozers, and helicopters.


Green Waste Program

Green Waste Program – TMFPD’s current Green Waste Program structure is comprised of the following components:

Twice per year (once in the spring and once in the fall), station locations (one north and one south) are identified for the public to drop off its “green waste” (natural woody fuels removed from around their homes to create defensible space).
The public drops off fuels at those locations and TMFPD staff dispose of it either through chipping, masticating, or burning.
The Green Waste Program is currently expanding utilizing TMFPD and NDF fuels crews. In the fall, TMFPD is hoping to have more green waste days at more locations. As more personnel are added to TMFPD’s fuels program, other elements will be pursued such as curbside chipping for residents (particularly for our elderly, disabled, and low income citizens).


Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities

Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities – Through partnership with the Nevada Division of Forestry, TMFPD supports and encourages its communities to actively pursue membership in the NNFAC network.

The mission of NNFAC is “to foster the wide spread occurrence of Fire Adapted Communities where people living in high fire threat locations fully prepare themselves, their homes, and the landscape where they reside to survive the destructive force of wildfire.

Active participation in the network comes with many benefits including but not limited to:
Networking with local players and subject matter experts including other NNFAC members, NDF, and TMFPD.
Assistance from subject matter experts from NDF and TMFPD in wildfire and fuels planning and projects.
Guidance from NDF’s state NNFAC Coordinator.
Higher prioritization for grant funds for fuels work.
Higher prioritization for free and reduced rate crews for fuels work.
Assistance in writing or updating a Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs).
***For more information on TMFPD’s Fuels Program, Green Waste Program, NNFAC, or to inquire on how to obtain help with fuels mitigation on your property please contact:
August Isernhagen
Division Chief Fuels/Wildfire
Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District
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Our Mission: “Committed to excellence, service, and the protection of life and property in our community.”