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Youth Fire Safety

Educate. Inform. Prepare.

It is imperative to educate kids about the dangers of matches, lighters, and other fire-starting tools. It is important to set clear ground rules and consequences about handling or being around fire.  Most children who set fires do so out of curiosity or accident.  But some children have a preoccupation with fire.

Youth firesetting must be viewed as a community problem.  Although fire departments may take the lead role in developing programs for youth fire setters, their efforts alone will not resolve the problem. Schools, fire service, law enforcement, youth justice and mental health organizations must all establish open communication channels with one another so that an organized effort is mounted to reduce youth involvement in fire setting and arson related incidents.

Youth Firesetting Intervention Program

The Northern Nevada Youth Firesetter Intervention Program is to identify children at risk of participating in firesetting incidents and provide intervention in an attempt to stop the firesetting behavior. 

The program also provides parent education on home fire safety, the Nevada Arson and Fireworks Laws, and the seriousness of youth firesetting. 

The program is offered free of charge, to any child between the ages of 3-17.

Program Lessons

Burn injuries
Consequences of firesetting
Fire science and safety education
Youth Firesetter Program
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